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Ramstein AB 11.11.09

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Ramstein AB 11.11.09

Post by AMC » Wed Nov 11, 2009 7:27 am

At the moment inbound Ramstein is Herky 98 C-130J 08-8607. :clap: This is also number 7 for the 86thAW. Another one is expected in November and two more in December. The rest of 4 from 14 are expected in spring 2010! After arrival this morning the "07" was pushed in the C-130 main Hangar.

Some serials from today:
63-8015 AK bl KC-135R 168thARW/AK ANG left Ramstein on the way home. This was the old Tanker for this week. The new one arrived 08.11.09 61-0324 452ndAMW/AFRC. This one will stay till next Tuesday. Arrival day is Sunday and Departure day a wek later on Tuesday. The plane is here to fly medical missions to the desert and back.
C-5A´s 69-0009, 70-00464 both 105thAW/NY ANG, 87-0029 C-5B 436thAW all C-5´s depart today as RCH 107, RCH 344, RCH 387 in order.
C-17A´s 05-5143 452ndAMW/AFRC, 03-3116 172ndAW/MS ANG, 02-1109, 99-0058, 96-0008, 98-0052 all 62ndAW, 97-0047, 92-3292, 07-7183, 02-1100 all 437thAW
New Delta Herks arrived from Prestwick 89-9102, 89-9104 both 910thAW/AFRC and 87-9287 107thAW/914thAW/ANG/AFRC as support.
91-1653 yw C-130H 153rdAW/WY ANG
63-7980 KC-135R 412thTW/ED

At the moment Delta Squadron use 96-7322, 96-7325 both 302ndAW/AFRC and 86-1398, 91-1652 both 139thAW/MO ANG. For the Africa detachment we have two herks flying: 89-1187 and 87-9281 both 107thAW/914thAW/ANG/AFRC.

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Re: Ramstein AB 11.11.09

Post by honest man » Wed Nov 11, 2009 10:17 pm

THe new RS J made an early pitstop at Prestwick much to our delight :thumbs:

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