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NATO Tiger Meet 2017 - BAN Landivisiau

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Re: NATO Tiger Meet 2017 - BAN Landivisiau

Post by LWITTS1964 » Sun Jun 11, 2017 9:18 am

Just a word of warning for those attending the Spottersday next wednesday 14june. The check in and security checks took several hours, meaning some were unfortunately not on base in time to see the first launch of aircraft. My party arrived at the car park just before 6-30am and already a sizeable queue was forming. Many more were behind us though. I estimate it took 2- 2 and a half hours to get on base and then another half hour or so to get pick up a goodie bag which included your meal ticket if ordered during registration. If your not bothered then go straight to the spotters enclosure or pick it up later.

Hopefully they will have learnt some lessons to process people more quickly. The area of the checks IMO was far to small to cater for the numbers. You had to go through a I/D Check then have your bag(s) checked for explosives by a sniffer dog. Then it was a airport style body search followed by a search of your bags by security personnel that included the removal of lenses from camera bodies and lens caps. Then finally on to a holding area to board the buses. The whole area to complete this process was too compact meaning every stage was backing up and going nowhere fast. Hope things change for those going next week.

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