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Canon 100-400 MK II Lens Foot Warning

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Canon 100-400 MK II Lens Foot Warning

Post by JonoUK » Sat Jan 07, 2017 5:10 pm

Hi All,

With this being a very popular lens in the hobby I thought it worth reporting an issue with the lens foot. I noticed on my copy the lens foot was starting to feel pretty wobbly recently. The foot itself has a thumb screw and I thought this was causing the issue. Despite screwing it as tightly as I could this didn't make any difference. I removed the foot and realised it was the plate underneath that was starting to come loose.

To remove the screws you will need a Japanese Industry Standard 0 screwdriver - do not go at it with a philps as you might damage the thread. You can see in the picture just how small the screws are, just four of these hold the entire weight of the camera and lens! on two of the screws there was some dried up superglue. To make the repair I added a drop of locktite Blue (threadlock) to each screw and screwed them back in. Now the screws have cured its solid as a rock again and should last.

My copy of the lens was a day one release so perhaps this issue is resolved in later copies. Hopefully this was of use, If you carry the lens by its mount there's a probability that it could simple drop to the ground - scary thought :O


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Re: Canon 100-400 MK II Lens Foot Warning

Post by John flightpath » Sat Jan 07, 2017 11:32 pm

Thanks for the tip off Jono. I don't personally own one like yours but I do have other Canon lenses and non Canon varieties.
It was interesting to note that you found traces of superglue on the screws. Glad to see your repair seems to have done the trick.

John 'flightpath'.
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Re: Canon 100-400 MK II Lens Foot Warning

Post by Andy_99 » Sun Jan 08, 2017 1:05 pm

A major reason for using a secondary tether when attaching a strap to the tripod mount.

I usually have the strap screwed into the tripod mount (On the lens) & the tether attached to the battery grip/Camera.

Also protects against unintentional lens/camera separation leaving somebody heartbroken.

Thanks for the info on the foot though, I'll check mine over.

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