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Gando Military Aviation 2017

Gando Military Aviation 2017

Postby TvanD » Mon Dec 11, 2017 4:04 pm

10-12-2017 Gando
*15-92/46-20 static outside
+1 static outside
#D.4-07 CN.235M-100
+1 static outside
35-42 C.295M
T.12B-58/46-86 C.212 wfu static outside
C.14-13/46-13 Mirage F-1 wfu static outside
These planes were seen last sunday. Appearantly the EdlA celebrates the birthday of its patron on the 10th of dec. Planes marked with an # flew a fly by. Nice to see two new SAR helicopters. There was also a small static or ground display so it seemed.

Re: Gando Military Aviation 2017

Postby TvanD » Thu Dec 14, 2017 11:02 am

13-12-2017 Gando
TL.10-01/31-01 C-130H arr 08:30 dep ~11:00
2x Puma dep 08:50
HD.21-16/802-16 towed
HD.21-18/802-18 dep & arr
/35-42 C.295M dep 12:26
*C.15-89/46-17 F/A-18A Ala 46 EdlA towed
C.15-92/46-20 F/A-18A Ala 46 EdlA towed
C.15-85/46-13 F/A-18A Ala 46 EdlA towed
D.4-07 CN.235M SAR EdlA dep 12:01
*D.4-08 CN.235M SAR EdlA dep 12:22
EC-KLN Heli coast guard dep arr
EC-KEM CN.235MPA coast guard dep

Seems all the hardened shelters are empty now except for the two QRA ones.

Re: Gando Military Aviation 2017

Postby TvanD » Fri Dec 15, 2017 5:02 pm

14-12-2017 Gando
120/115-KC Mirage2000C arr
109/115-YH Mirage2000C arr
3-XZ? Mirage2000D arr
639/3-JJ Mirage2000D arr
R208/64-GH C-160FR ET61 AdlA arr
471/93-CB C-135FR EC93 AdlA arr

These french planes arrived just before sunset. Well the last plane - the Transall - landed in the dark.

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