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Payerne May 3rd 2017

Payerne May 3rd 2017

Postby raaver » Fri May 05, 2017 7:39 am


We went to Payerne on this Wednesday to score some F-5s. They did not fly that day!
We stood at spot 2 (scramble database) and found ourselves behind taxiway construction works. This meant that in all pictures taken from there, red/white bars and Sandhills in front of anything on the runway.
Also, it looks like they are constructing a new gate near that spot, and if so spot 2 will disappear too ( like the ammo bunker aka spot 1)
Aircraft seen were 4 hornets;
J-5008 & 24 on Qra
J-5009 arrival
J-5323 demo practice
PC-7; A-917, 27 and 33
PC-6; V-623
cougar; T-316, 17 and 35
EC-635; T-360, 61 and 64
F-5E J-3044 arriving

In the distance north of the field 4 couples of hornets were seen and heard strafing, during the day.


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