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Few stops in Alberta and BC May 2017

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Ross Forsyth
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Few stops in Alberta and BC May 2017

Post by Ross Forsyth » Sun May 21, 2017 8:44 pm

Spent the last couple of weeks on holiday in Canada and was pleasantly surprised at a couple of stops we made!

5th May Abbotsford,BC
101035 CF-101B On display 409 Sqn mks
About 4 C-130`s on opposite side of airfield 2 of which 1 definitely ex RAF with Canadian flag applied!
For those interested lots of Conair Firebomber traffic including RJ-85,CV580,L1088,Air Tractors and 4 CL-215`s from Alberta

6th May Kelowna,BC
156108 CT-156 NFTC
156114 CT-156 NFTC
146481 CH-146
A couple of Convairs on the opposite side in differing conditions with military markings on them

6th May Vernon Regional AP,BC
C-FMFS Beech 90 Allied Wings LP

13th May Downtown Edson,Alberta
133097 CT-133 on a pole in Centennial Park

14th May Kamloops,BC
116740 CF-116 419sqn mks on pole at Airport
155204 CT-155 NFTC
155206 CT-155 NFTC
155213 CT-155 NFTC


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Re: Few stops in Alberta and BC May 2017

Post by STEVIEJAWS » Tue May 23, 2017 7:58 pm

I suspect your 2 Ex RAF C-130's are :

C-FNUL Ex. XV303
C-FNUM Ex. XV214

And the other's could be any of the following , there are 6 on Google Earth , the 2 Ex. RAF and 4 others , one without wings ( taken August 2016 ) plus some smaller fuselages behind them

130306 wfu Abbotsford
130310 wfu Abbotsford
130320 wfu Abbotsford
130324 wfu Abbotsford
130325 wfu Abbotsford

The following were known to be at Kelowna , not sure what the latest situation is with them .

109151/C-GULQ CC-109
109152/C-GLWF CC-109
109157/C-GPQY CC-109
109159/C-GTVJ CC-109
109160/C-GNDK CC-109
C-GKFY Convair 580
N5810 Convair 580
Regards Steve............

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