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Nellis 29/09/15

Nellis 29/09/15

Postby Seaking93 » Thu Oct 01, 2015 7:10 pm

Noted flying between 1030 and 1145

F15E - 17WPS - 90-0256/WA
F15E - 422TES - 90-0258/OT, 91-0325/OT, 92-0365/OT
F16C - 4FS - 88-0429/HL, 88-0462/HL, 88-0467/HL, 4FS/HL(88-0495), 89-2072/HL, 89-2124/HL,
F16C - 64AGS - 84-0220/WA, 84-1236/WA, 84-1244/WA, 85-1418/WA, 86-0251/WA, 86-0283/WA, 86-0291/WA, 87-0321/WA
F22A - 422TES - 04-4069/OT, 06-4124/OT
F22A - 433WS. - 07-4109/WA + one
Also 3 X A10C, 6 X Thunderbird F16 and 2. X HH60 from the visiting ramp

Location: Lindinis

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