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TLP 2017 Log from 16th May at Albacete

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TLP 2017 Log from 16th May at Albacete

Post by tommc » Wed May 17, 2017 9:21 pm

E.25-05/79-05 C.101 performed an overshoot in the morning

E.26-36/79-83 T-35 performed an overshoot in the morning
E.26-07/79-54 T-35 performed an overshoot in the morning

C.16-65/10054 EF2000 Ala 14
C.16-47/14-11 EF2000 Ala 14
C.16-39/14-06 EF2000 Ala 14
C.16-67/10090 EF2000 Ala 14

UD.13T-15/1056/43-15 CL.215

HA.28-17/10066/ET-717 Tiger test flew from Airbus

88-0421/HL bk/r F-16C "421stFS"
90-744/HL y/bk F-16C "419thOG"
89-087/HL bk/r F-16C
87-393/HL y F-16D

343/4-FJ Rafale
(C.15-13/12-01) EF-18 low approach with the Rafale

(MM62229) KC.767 departed (serial from ADSB)

C.16-58/10019 EF2000 Ala 14
C.16-61/10046 EF2000 Ala 14

(UD.13-25)/43-25 CL.215

T.21-04/35-42 C.295
T.21-13/35-51 C.295

HT.29-08/10088/ET-808 NH.90 test flew at Airbus
plus ET-807 (camo) inside hangar, and ET-809 (primer) outside hangar, plus one more hangared.

1057/43-16 CL.215

The NATO E-3 departed for the TLP mission

CH-05 C-130 arrived, and later departed

TLP Mission in rough take-off order

E135/8-RX Alphajet
E165/8-RE Alphajet

89-087/HL bk/r F-16C
(88)-0466/HL y/bk F-16C "466thFS"

30+51 EF2000 TLG-73
30+94 EF2000 TLG-74

30+93 EF2000 TLG-74
31+21 EF2000 TLG-73

MM7013/6-75 A-200
MM7059/6-66 A-200

88-0034 F-16C THK Kobralar
89-0042 F-16D THK Kobralar

677/3-JT M.2000D
668/3-IG M.2000D

MM7051/6-72 A-200

343/4-FJ Rafale
352/4-FS Rafale

88-457/HO F-16C
87-393/HL y F-16D

353/4-FT Rafale

(C.16-21)/11-01 EF2000 Ala 11
(C.16-26)/11-06 EF2000 Ala 11

(C.16-48)/14-12 EF2000 Ala 14
(C.16-36)/14-03 EF2000 Ala 14 special marks

90-725/HL bk/r F-16C

C.16-39/14-06 EF2000 Ala 14

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Re: TLP 2017 Log from 16th May at Albacete

Post by slogen51 » Thu May 18, 2017 5:51 am

Not forgetting D-CGFE learjet and LX-N90447

ET-719 Tiger was pulled out of Airbus after you left at about 18:30L

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Re: TLP 2017 Log from 16th May at Albacete

Post by david14 » Thu May 18, 2017 7:59 pm

Thanks for posting - always good to see logs from TLP

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