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Albacete 11th & 12th Nov 2015

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Albacete 11th & 12th Nov 2015

Post by Freyaollie » Sat Nov 14, 2015 3:18 pm

The following were noted Thu afternoon.
46+40,46+44,44+64,45+57,46+49,46+35 + 2 more German Torns
MM7307,MM7314,MM7298, MM7295,& MM7264 ITAF EF2000
MM7182,MM7175 + 2 More ITAF AMX
50+38 & 50+49 C160's Arrived
133 F.10 Departed French Marine
MM62180 C130J Departed.
42,56 Mirage Arrived.
640 & 677 require confirmation on TLP Ramp.

Airbus Helicopters
GSPA01 NH-90 outside and flew
FAB782 AS332 Bolivian Few twice then Hangared.
ET711,ET712,ET713 EC-665 Tigre
ET602 AS332.

Albacete Fri 13th
MM7312 EF2000 Arrived
MM62183 Kc130j Arrived
C.16-58/10019 EF2000 possible delivery flight
ET665 AS532. (Requires confirmation)

Airbus Helicopters
GSPA02 (ET-802) NH-90
ET-714 TIgre
HU.15-79 (09-109) Bolkow Overflew

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Re: Albacete 11th & 12th Nov 2015

Post by Typeflyer » Thu Sep 08, 2016 8:58 pm

What vantage point did you use for Airbus Helicopters out of interest?

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