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LEAB Albacete 3/11/15 Trident Juncture

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LEAB Albacete 3/11/15 Trident Juncture

Post by BuzzLEMG » Wed Nov 04, 2015 9:28 pm

Here is my log for Albacete
ZD709/078 Tornado GR4 RAF
ZA453/022 Tornado GR4 RAF
ZA473/032 Tornado GR4 RAF
ZG729/127 Tornado GR4A RAF
ZD848/109 Tornado GR4 RAF
ZD709/078 Tornado GR4 RAF
ZK338/FF EF Typhoon FGR4 RAF
ZK348/FN EF Typhoon FGR4 RAF
ZJ949/H EF Typhoon FGR4 RAF
ZJ950/C EF Typhoon FGR4 RAF
?????/? EF Typhoon FGR4 RAF
?????/S EF Typhoon FGR4 RAF Photo
ZK332/EBJ EF Typhoon FGR4 RAF

T.21-02/35-40 CN295M EFA
C.16-31/14-01 EF2000 EFA
C.16-11/14-70 EF2000T EFA
C.16-37/14-04 EF2000 EFA
C.16-38/14-05 EF2000 EFA
C.16-39/14-06 EF2000 EFA
C.16-42/14-08 EF2000 EFA
C.15-57/12-15 EF18M EFA
C.15-61/12-19 EF18M EFA
C.15-72/12-30 EF18M EFA
C.15-49/12-07 EF18M EFA
C.15-66/12-24 EF18M EFA
C.15-69/12-27 EF18M EFA

90-0024 F16D Turkish AF
90-0022 F16D Turkish AF
88-0013 F16D Turkish AF
91-0005 F16D Turkish AF

0452 C-295M Czech AF
??/2-EY Mirage 2000 FAF
63/2-EM Mirage 2000 FAF

T.18-1/45-40 Falcon 90 EFA Fly-by

"C.14C-79"/14-55 Mirage F1M Gateguard

Retired for scrapping
C.14-04/14-02 Mirage F1M EFA
C.14-08/14-08 Mirage F1M EFA
C.14-11/14-06 Mirage F1M EFA
C.14-15/14-09 Mirage F1M EFA
C.14-16/14-10 Mirage F1M EFA
C.14-18/14-12 Mirage F1M EFA
C.14-19/14-19 Mirage F1M EFA
C.14-20/14-13 Mirage F1M EFA
C.14-21/14-14 Mirage F1M EFA
C.14-36/14-18 Mirage F1M EFA
C.14-37/14-19 Mirage F1M EFA
C.14-38/14-20 Mirage F1M EFA
C.14-43/14-24 Mirage F1M EFA
C.14-44/14-25 Mirage F1M EFA
C.14-50/14-28 Mirage F1M EFA (Fueslage only)
C.14-56/14-31 Mirage F1M EFA(Panther Tail)
C.14-53/462-02 Mirage F1EE EFA
C.14-68/14-40 Mirage F1M EFA
C.14-72/14-44 Mirage F1M EFA

C15-75 ??? 3199

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