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Cherbourg-Maupertus (LFRC) 4 June 2016

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Andy L
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Cherbourg-Maupertus (LFRC) 4 June 2016

Post by Andy L » Sun Jun 05, 2016 7:53 pm

Evening Folks
here is my log from the above for the 72nd anniversary of D-Day.
All serials are as displayed

Terminal Side
1944 C-37A Gulfstream 5
10108 C-20F Gulfstream 4
0-24583 Sikorsky UH-60
0-24642 Sikorsky UH-60
0-24584 Sikorsky UH-60

2100884 L4 (N147DC) Douglas C-47A
2100882 3X (N473DC) Douglas C-47A
90747 (F-AZRB) NA SNJ-5

Military Side
88603 RS C-130J Marked as 37AS
68611 RS C-130J Marked as 86AW
05728 C-130J Marked as 314AW The Rock
28155 C-130J Marked as 403WG Spinning Jennies
88601 RS C-130J Marked as 86AW
78609 RS C-130J Marked as 86AW and has a sharks mouth

50+48 Transall C-160D Luftwaffe All white
072 / 62-IF CN-235M-200 AdlA
0063 CV-22B Osprey
25757 MC-130J
35786 MC-130J

and lastly
2741 EC-225 Super Puma 32F Based

The 6 C-130Js all flew in the afternoon departing in the order noted returning later in line astern for a run & break.
The C-47s both conducted 2 parachute drops during the afternoon. The SNJ-5 acted as camera ship.
The shark mouthed Herc reminded me of "Pathetic Sharks" from Viz
Pics should follow at some point


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Re: Cherbourg-Maupertus (LFRC) 4 June 2016

Post by rh226 » Sun Jun 05, 2016 8:47 pm

Well done, Andy, for an excellent log of an "almost never reported" annual event. :thumb:

For the future, as I will be over there for some of the future events (and certainly 3 years time - which should be a big one again), can you tell me if they use the dispersals down the Eastern end on the North side of the runway?? And what is the viewing like there - on the road off the D612 (from the village) that runs close to that area?? Or is there a better place??
Cheers, Bob

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