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Aero India 2017. Yelahanka Air base. Bangalore

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Aero India 2017. Yelahanka Air base. Bangalore

Postby Shy Talk » Sun Feb 19, 2017 10:36 am

Hi Folks.
I visited this show yesterday (18 Feb). Here's the log. This might be helpful to anyone else that visited and I made a few 'schoolboy errors' myself, so if anyone else was there I hope they'll post a log up.

North side Mi-8 area
Z2895 Mi-17
ZP5157, ZP5177 Mi-17
Z2968 (hangared- bit of a blurry pic) Mi-17
Z2453 Mi-8T
Z2356 Mi-8T
HM-636 Do-228 another dodgy photo...(edit. 636 is a mispole. Must be 686 or 696)
K-2674 An-32
There were about 10 Mi-8s stored in a group, engineless beside a hangar including Z2360 & Z2405
? Tiger Moth- yellow c/s. Looked like the one that displayed here in 2015

Behind these hangars, but not able to be seen from inside the airfield are another 6 dumped Mi-8s. They are, in order going away from the runway, Z2355, Z2398, Z2342, Z2352, Z2364 & Z1374. These can be seen clearly from the road if you continue North towards Bangalore IAP. There's an obvious lay by and a long earthen bund to stand on. Managed to read these off a few weeks after the Airshow.

North side flight line
Sarong helo display team
ZD4042,4043, 4045, 4051, 4059, 4061. All flew on sat except 4061.
KH-T 2009 Tejas two seat
KH-2013 Tejas
KH-2014 Tejas
P-143 PC-7
SB-175, SB303 Su-30
??? Mi-8 or 17 covers on
Suryakiran aero team
A3701 first six here flew.
A3676, A3687 spares. All Hawk Mk.132

Static display outside exhibition area.
124/ 4-GC Rafale
002 Gripen fsm
ZJ100 Advanced Hawk
KH-2011 Tejas

Main static display
KT201 Mirage 2000
JM255 Jaguar. Odd looking nose on this.
P-153 PC-7
Z1430 Chetak, IAF This flew later.
ZP-4601 LCH
ZJ4630 LUH HALs new light utility helo.
TSR001 HTT-40 looks a a bit like a PC-7
TSR002 HTT-40
168439/ 439 P-8A
3002 Tejas Navy
SB-404 Su-30
LA-5001 Tejas two seat
KW-3555 Emb-145 AWACS
ZP-5216 Mi-17
A3695 Hawk Mk.132 23 Sqn
CU-2333 MiG-21
KBU-3118 MiG-29UPG
ZT-3101 Mi-35
IA-???? Rudhra I missed this! :Oops:
KC-3802 C-130J

Hangared were four silver Yaks. 3 were taildraggers, no marks apart from Soviet style bort numbers 10, 33, 49 & 61. Couldn't see any serials or civ registrations anywhere.
All silver c/s with Soviet red stars. Displayed to music from the Red Army Choir, so somewhat of a Russian theme... Amyone know the c/ns? Is it 'Airglide' team? All flew.

Parked North side on a stub runway.
K-2749 An-32
K-3057 An-32
K-3071 An-32
K-???? An-32
HM-669 Do-228
HM-701 Do-228
??? HAL 748 looked stored
Z2450 Mi-8T
Z2885 Mi-17
ZP- Mi-17 looked to be in the grass outside the active area.Serial was in black not white like the Mi-8s

South side flightlines
N429EA Bell 429 Trying to sell to the Navy...?
ZF4603 LCH
ZF-4604 LCH
ZD4165 Dhruv
IA-2127 Rudhra
ZD-4146 Dhruv IAF
91-422 "WW" F-16
92-887 "WW" F-16
"HAL 100" on fin, a Blue Hawk i that clearly belongs to HAL. Does it have an IAF serial?
262 Gripen
830 & 837 Gripen two seat
304/ 4-EB
339/ 4-FF Rafale two seat

K- An-32 Flew out as I arrived- about 10:00
K-3060 An-32 Flew in/ out in the afternoon
55152 "HH" C-17A flew in after the show 15Wg, 154Wg
CB-8008 C-17A flew in/out after the show
K-3602 Emb-145 Flew in after the show
Z440 IAF Chetak flew in between displays
K-2670 An-32 flew in/out after the show
as did K-2704
H-2184 HAL 748 flew in after the show

There was a role demo by the Army in the afternoon. Involved were:
IA-2110 & IA-2122 Rudhras
IA-1111 Army Dhruv. Sand/ green c/s. This had a Jeep underslung for the role demo, but it dropped the Jeep from way to high and bent the front axle like a banana. It still drove though!
IA-1116 & IA-1120 Army Dhruv, two tone green c/s

A C-47 has been added to the gateguards.
The TS-11 and Mi-8 were still present.
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Shy Talk

Re: Aero India 2017. Yelahanka Air base. Bangalore

Postby Cessna954 » Sun Feb 19, 2017 10:44 am

Great log, many thanks.

The Yaks are from the Yakolev team based at Henstridge in Dorset. All are UK civil registered.


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Re: Aero India 2017. Yelahanka Air base. Bangalore

Postby pawlee1 » Sun Feb 19, 2017 11:26 am

Hi Shy, your Yaks were as follows,
10 G-YAKE c/n 877610 Yak-52
33 G-YAKZ c/n 853206 Yak-50
49 G-YAKU c/n 822305 Yak-50
61 G-YAKM c/n 842710 Yak-50
All the best :thumb:
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Re: Aero India 2017. Yelahanka Air base. Bangalore

Postby Shy Talk » Sun Feb 19, 2017 11:33 am

Thanks for those Yak tie ups. Very quick indeed!

Saw a few Indian guys that I know there- but no sign of any Brits or Europeans, still, its a 5 day thing so maybe another log will appear soon. It's a great show for taking photos if anyone ever thinks of going. The light is always from behind you and good weather is assured.
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Re: Aero India 2017. Yelahanka Air base. Bangalore

Postby PercyPotter » Mon Feb 20, 2017 7:08 pm

Thanks for a great log; it certainly helped to tie up several loose ends for me :clap:

I visited the show on Wednesday 15th (trade day), but due to a delay on our incoming flight I didn't get into the base until 15:15, and had to be out by 16:30 :grr: :grr:

The only military additions I can add are:
H2182 HS748 Stored North side
IA-2119 Rudhra on static

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Re: Aero India 2017. Yelahanka Air base. Bangalore

Postby Shy Talk » Tue Feb 21, 2017 1:53 am

Thanks for those Paul.

Silly of me to miss that Rudhra in the static....
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Re: Aero India 2017. Yelahanka Air base. Bangalore

Postby teeonefixer » Thu Mar 02, 2017 11:28 pm

The blue Hawk Mk.132 was reportedly the 100th off the HAL production line:

http://www.newindianexpress.com/cities/ ... 63755.html

Sorry, I haven't been able to work out a serial, yet
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Re: Aero India 2017. Yelahanka Air base. Bangalore

Postby Shy Talk » Fri Mar 03, 2017 7:12 am

I suppose if we knew the mil serials of #99 and #101, the detective work could begin, but I've never seen a reference anywhere to HAL built Hawk c/ns.

'HAL100' is clearly not a civ registration, neither does it look like a serial...
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Re: Aero India 2017. Yelahanka Air base. Bangalore

Postby STEVIEJAWS » Fri Mar 03, 2017 4:59 pm

It's the 100th Mk.132 Hawk produced by HAL and will be retained by HAL as a test platform for the " Hawk i " program . It may not have a serial in the regular sense and may keep it's HAL100 identity , time will tell .
Regards Steve............
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Re: Aero India 2017. Yelahanka Air base. Bangalore

Postby Ridge Runner » Tue Aug 22, 2017 6:56 am

I've been to Yelahanka for a number of shows now. There has always been something great to see and photograph there and, it seems, the changeover to modern equipment is in full swing there now, with the Mi17s taking over from the Mi8s. A good list and good to see that the old border force Dak has found a home too!

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