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Middle Wallop base visit 6/6

Please post movements and activities to do with AAC Middle Wallop here
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Middle Wallop base visit 6/6

Post by farnboroughrob » Tue Jun 06, 2017 12:38 pm

Full log from a excellent tour this morning
XT123 Sioux AH1 (really XT827)
XT638 Scout AH1
XZ184 Lynx AH7
XZ346 Gazelle AH1

Hangar 1 not accessible

Hangar 2
XW846 Gazelle AH1
XZ671 Gazelle AH1
ZA772 Gazelle AH1
ZB683 Gazelle AH1
ZB691 Gazelle AH1
ZB693 Gazelle AH1
ZG915 Lynx AH9
ZG919 Lynx AH9

outside the back of hangar 2
XZ651 Lynx AH7
ZD280 Lynx AH7
ZE378 Lynx AH7
ZF539 Lynx AH9
ZG887 Lynx AH9
ZG888 Lynx AH9
ZG914 Lynx AH9

Hangar 3
EM840 Tiger Moth G-ANBY
RG333 Messenger G-AIEK
WD325/N Chipmunk
XL812 Skeeter AH1 G-SARO
XP820 Beaver AL1 G-CICP
XR244 Auster AOP9 G-CICR
ZH816 Bell 212
ZJ244 Squirrel AH1
ZJ245 Squirrel AH1
ZJ246 Squirrel AH1
ZJ248 Squirrel AH1
ZJ249 Squirrel AH1
ZJ250 Squirrel AH1
ZJ252 Squirrel AH1
ZJ253 Squirrel AH1
ZJ254 Squirrel AH1
ZJ969 Bell 212
G-BJJO Bell 212
G-BJGV Bell 212
G-CFXE Bell 212

Hangar 4 all for spares or stored
XP242 Auster AOP9 G-BUCI
(XP884) Scout AH1 stored, covered over
XT151 Sioux AH1
XX378 Gazelle AH1
XX404 Gazelle AH1
XX442 Gazelle AH1
XX447 Gazelle AH1
XZ212/X Lynx AH7 no boom
XZ303 Gazelle AH1
XZ731/311 Lynx HMA8
ZB667 Gazelle AH1
ZB692 Gazelle AH1
ZD257 Lynx HMA8
ZD265 Lynx HMA8
ZF557/426 Lynx HMA8
ZF558/336 Lynx HMA8
ZF562/353 Lynx HMA8
ZF563/312 Lynx HMA8
ZG920 Lynx AH9

Hangar 5
ZJ179 Apache AH1
ZJ180 Apache AH1
ZJ187 Apache AH1
ZJ188 Apache AH1
ZJ195 Apache AH1
ZJ209 Apache AH1
ZJ216 Apache AH1
ZJ217 Apache AH1
ZJ231 Apache AH1
ZJ232 Apache AH1

XT131 Sioux G-CICN
XT626 scout G-CIBW
XX405 Gazelle AH1 flying
(XZ327) Gazelle AH1 recruiting frame in carpark
ZJ785 Daulphin flying


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Re: Middle Wallop base visit 6/6

Post by adderman » Thu Jan 11, 2018 1:03 pm

farnboroughrob wrote:Full log from a excellent tour this morning.

Hangar 3
G-BJJO Bell 212
G-CFXE Bell 212

Thur 11th Jan 18.

G-BJJO 30918 ex ZJ966
G-CFXE 32134 ex ZK206.

Both noted on low loaders entering Southampton docks today.
Both all white with no serials carried.
Both had s-no's on papers attached to doors.


joe spares
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Re: Middle Wallop base visit 6/6

Post by joe spares » Thu Jan 11, 2018 9:59 pm

Not seen anything re the AAC 212's fate/future, does this mean that we are getting rid of all the 212's?

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