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Important Statement - 04/10/09

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Important Statement - 04/10/09

Post by RichC » Sun Oct 04, 2009 2:15 pm

Dear FighterControl Members,

The FighterControl team have been busy for the last three days setting up the new forum however we regret to inform any members wishing to join back up that all content was lost when the former manager of the forum deleted it. Only the former manager was able to back up any of the data and so we have had to start the forum back up from scratch.

With the current team fully committed to the future of FighterControl (as seen by getting the forum back up for our members) we have therefore decided to go with hosting the forum on a paid premium windows server together with using the latest phpBB3 software. This allows FighterControl to be very secure and reliable and also has a full back-up procedure so if the unthinkable happens again, the forum can be re-instated without any problems.

The FighterControl team wants our members to know that this behaviour and deletion of the forum will never happen again. This has happened twice with previous managers and that was two times too many.
The Team has a firm grip now and with the forum now set up for our members once again, we aim to get FighterControl back to what it was before the current problem.

Our Fightercontrol.co.uk website is still active and we are currently pointing this to our new server but it is currently off-line due to this switch over. This will be resolved shortly.

We would now like to invite members to re-register onto the forum and begin creating the community we had before but this time, peace and mind that this will never happen again.

Again, the team are very sorry for the loss of data and for having to go through this once again. It is in our best interests to get this back on track and to move forward once more and we apologise for the inconvenience caused.

If you would like to re-register your account then please go to the following URL Address:-

Please bare in mind however that the above address is only temporary until the .co.uk domain is up and running.
Also to any guests viewing the forum, you will find some categories and forums not visible unless you sign up and register.

Thank you for your patience and again, we apologise for the loss of data, members and of course for the inconvenience caused to your hobby.

FighterControl Team.
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Re: Important Statement - 04/10/09

Post by MikeB » Sun Oct 04, 2009 7:13 pm

We are now using the URL: http://www.fightercontrol.co.uk/forum/ - Please update your bookmarks.

(May take a few more hours to work for everyone)
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