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santa,s steam special

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santa,s steam special

Postby barrow758 » Mon Dec 04, 2017 9:20 pm

passing settle junction and coming out of helifeild Image5DMK8050 by kingsown, on FlickrImage5DMK8051 by kingsown, on FlickrImage5DMK8055 by kingsown, on FlickrImage5DMK8061 by kingsown, on FlickrImage5DMK8066-2 by kingsown, on FlickrImage5DMK8068-2 by kingsown, on FlickrImage5DMK8071 by kingsown, on FlickrImage5DMK8072-2 by kingsown, on FlickrImage5DMK8073-2 by kingsown, on FlickrImage5DMK8076-2 by kingsown, on FlickrImage5DMK8077 by kingsown, on FlickrImage5DMK8079-2 by kingsown, on FlickrImage5DMK8081-2 by kingsown, on FlickrImage5DMK8083-2 by kingsown, on Flickr

Re: santa,s steam special

Postby H.A.Bucken » Tue Dec 05, 2017 12:26 pm

It's first time I've seen polished axle-centres on an 8F. I tried for tickets on this special, but have found all three trips have sold out.
Well done 'kingsown', a ("Guild of O gauge") modellers' dream.
Roger, S. Lakes

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