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Scampton Families Day

Please post movements and activities to do with RAF Scampton here
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Scampton Families Day

Post by Rhubarb » Thu Sep 01, 2016 10:31 pm

Went to viewing area today, along with many other people, families and the like ! Everyone had a jolley good day watching the displays outside the wire so it must of been good for the actual families inside the wire. There were four displays starting exactly at 13:00hrs with the "d-day spitfire then at 14:00 hrs the silence was broken by this years Typhoon disply. Then at 15:00 HRS the four turbo prop mini red arrows team hummed about. They do fantastic stall dives :thumb: Finishing with this years full Reds magnificent display at 15:50 HRS.
Spent the time between displays chatting with all in sundry as is usual with aviation anoraks. Did some coaching of new scanner owners and admiring a beautiful RX8
Went home sun burnt, full of sandwiches and coffee !
What a good day ! :thumbs:

Thank You all at RAF Scampton for a lovely day !
"A Rhubarb" is a sortie of opportunity !

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