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Forest Aviation Tours Ltd

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New Tours 2013 Bumper Update!!

Post by ForestAviationTours » Tue Jul 31, 2012 4:13 pm

New soon to be released Tours for 2013 :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

2nd Mini-Bus added for tour


Wittmund F-4F Phantom Farewell Spottersday

Date: 28th June 2013 TBC 1 day

Cost: £141.00

Deposit: £60.00

Balance due 10/05/13

Depart Stansted early am to Bremen, then collect the 9 seater minbus and head straight to Wittmund to spend the rest of the day at the GAF final Phantom Farewell expected Spottersday,this will be your last chance to see the F-4F in operational service before retiring the following week.We would expect specially painted aircraft for this event. Spottersday confirmation will be posted as soon as the Luftwaffe release it.

Note : Spottersday entrance fee not included in price


Nordholz 100 Years of German Navy Anniversary Airshow weekend

Date: 16th & 17th August 2013 2 days

Cost: £218.00
Deposit: £78.00
Single room supplement £30.00

Balance due 05/07/13

Depart Stansted early am to Bremen, then collect the 9 seater minbus then head straight to Nordholz Germany Navy Base to visit the P-3s,Sea Lynxs,Sea Kings and Do-228s of MFG-3,here we spend the rest of the day for the arrivals and expected Spottersday-TBC then stay overnight at a nearby 3 star hotel with breakfast included if available.Saturday we head straight back to the Airshow and spend most of the day here before departing late afternoon to visit several other locations these are expected to include Jever and Wittmund (for EF2000s). We then return back to Stansted departing Bremen late evening.

Note : Spottersday entrance fee not included in price
Forest Aviation Tours Ltd

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Re: Forest Aviation Tours Ltd

Post by iainpeden » Sun Nov 04, 2012 3:43 pm

Any chance of a simliar trip for the saturday airshow - some of us can't get the friday off work.

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2013 Tours

Post by ForestAviationTours » Mon Feb 11, 2013 7:20 pm

Hi all,

UPCOMING TOURS in 2013 which still have places still free.........

Spanghalem Open House,Ramstein & Brussels museum weekend 11th & 12th of May minibus tour. £158.00 3 places remaining

Volkel Airshow,Soesterberg museum, Baarlo plus many more locations 15 & 16th June minibus tour £158.00

Israel, Hatzerim Airshow,IAF museum,plus other locations including base visits if available 22nd to 25th June £750-£900

Nordholz "100 yrs" of German Navy anniversary Airshow including Spottersday (registration already open) 16th to 18th August ( 1 place remaining) flights from Manchester or London LHR £268.00

Slovakia International Airfest at Sliac AB 31st August to 1st september plus many other locations £299.00

CIAF Airshow Hradec Kralove & Fassberg TSLw3 Tech School Open Day (100% confirmed with base 12/02/13) and Prague Kbely museum visit 7th to 9th September £298.00

Ostrava NATO Airshow,Poland & Slovakia weekend tour many locations to be visited including the huge museum at Krakow 20th to 22nd September £298.00 (3 places remaining)

Greece Archangel Open days many open days to be visited including museums,many stored aircraft & active bases....nearly 800 aircraft were seen on the 2012 Greek Open day tour. 4th to 8th November £528.00 FULL

Please go to the website for more details on the above trips & trips not mentioned in the above.

Please visit the photo gallery to see previous tours & trips out and about around the world.
Forest Aviation Tours Ltd

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Trips 2013 & 2014

Post by ForestAviationTours » Thu May 09, 2013 9:22 am

Last few places remaining on 2013 trips.

Volkel Airshow weekend 15th & 16th including Soesterberg Museum and visit at Baarlo/Kessel Sunday morning 0900am last few places on large 17 seater mini-bus.
PROPOSED TOUR... to South of France from 18th to 20th July (Thur-Sat) we aim cover all the major locations/bases and the large museums in this area,a request as been to submitted to Le luc airshow to spend half a day inside to photograph static & the airshow practice flying. details upon request.
Slovakia Sliac Airshow weekend 2 places remaining 31st Aug & 1st Sept
Fassberg Airshow Germany & CIAF Airshow Czech Rep including Kbely museum 7th to 9th 1 place remaining

Ostrava Airshow,Poland,Slovakia & Czech Rep 20th to 22nd Sept 3 places remaining.

Cognac Airshow France,Bordeaux CAEA visit confirmed & Rochefort visit includes Toulouse,Dax,Pau,Cazaux,Monte-de Marson 27th to 29th Sept (may depart 26th and fly to Nimes and visit Orange and Salon de Provence)

2014 trips
Thailand/india 7th to 15th 3 places remaining
Israel 8th to 13th includes Ramon visit (proposed) 5 places remaining.
Japan March 29th to 13th April 2 places remaining
Morrocco Marrakech Airshow 25th to 27th April 4 places remaining.
Israel base open days 4th to 8th 4 places remaining
NATO Tiger Meet Germany 3 days end of June TBC 4 places remaining
Swiss AF 100yrs Show Payerne 28th to 31st August 2 places remaining
Greek Archangel Open days (all of Greece) 4th to 9th 1 place remaining

Please contact mark.forest18@gmail.com or go to the Website.

Thanks for looking... :clap: :thumbs: :clap: :thumbs:
Forest Aviation Tours Ltd

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