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Low Level Group on Yahoo groups

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Low Level Group on Yahoo groups

Postby Batman 1 » Fri May 19, 2017 2:52 pm

hi all :clap:

Low Level group used to be a reasonably active group for mil air logs a few years back, maybe some of you remember the group or were members.

for personal reasons, i let the group slip and eventually it came to a complete stand still although i never did delete it.
some years later, ive decided that i want to give it another go and im trying to get it off the ground. i wonder if any of the old members are still around and fancy rejoining. ofcourse, any new member is welcome,

nothing too heavy but logs would be welcome if you can, when you can. one or two of the guys carried on posting in the group for quite a long time after i disappeared and there are still some 45 members still in the group. some of the guys have started posting a few logs again which is a start.

if you fancy giving us a look, please find us at

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